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What do you and your partner do when you want to spend time together? You stay in and watch a movie, or cook dinner together. Maybe you go out and watch a movie, or have dinner at a restaurant. You go on walks. Movie out, movie in, restaurant, movie again, walks, then dinner...

This is something different. It’s new, yet familiar.

Kihúzott tálcás fehér Little Love Box
Dobókocka közeli

This little box was made for those who remember what it’s like to sit on the balcony with a glass of wine and talk for hours. To listen to each other talk about what’s really important and feel the thrill of being understood. Those who remember nights laughing about how late it was and how they should definitely go to bed before morning finds them. But the minutes and hours kept flying by. And when they finally got in bed, they felt like they discovered the entire world together, even though they barely moved. Then tackling the day wasn’t such a hard thing to do. All they could think about was the night before, a perfect night together.

A thought rushed through them, the thought that they want to be with this person forever, they want to wake up next to them each and every morning. Then it strikes them: this person is mine. And once again, they feel that anxious joy with every bone in their body. To fall in love again, in a single day. To fall in love every week, every day. We believe that this little box can help dust off the mundane, revitalise the flame and let those fireworks fly high.

A special relationship card to have your special moments with.

What is this exactly?

A Little Love Box egy pároknak készült kártyacsomag , mely különböző kategóriákba sorolt kérdéseket tartalmaz.  Azt, hogy éppen melyik kategóriából húzzatok, a dobókocka segítségével tudjátok majd eldönteni. A játék során közelebb kerülhettek egymáshoz, akár sosem érintett témákról beszélgethettek, valamint az önismeretetek is javulhat, hiszen észre fogjátok venni, hogy sok kérdésre nem is annyira egyszerű azonnal válaszolni.


◆ 180db kártya

◆ 6 categories

◆ special dice made of pure metal

◆ quality materials

◆ elegant design

◆ comes in two colours (identical content)

◆ in Hungarian or English


◆ Past

◆ Personality

◆ Relationship

◆ Intimacy

◆ Scenarios

◆ Reversed

180 cards are a lot! Let’s run the numbers. If you follow our recommendation and make the game even more exciting by having both partners answer each question, you will each spend approximately 5 minutes answering each question. That’s 180×10 minutes or 30 hours of conversation! Of course, there will be questions that will only take you 1-2 minutes to answer. Other questions will lead you down deep, half-hour conversations.

What We Achieved So Far

Satisfied customers
Nights spent with conversation*
Cards drawn

*5 nights/customer on average

Love Box kockák
Little Love Box – Párkapcsolati Kártya Társasjáték
Little Love Box – Párkapcsolati Kártya Társasjáték

Click on each card to reveal an example!

What do others say?

F. Laura
F. Laura
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I surprised ourselves with this extremely demanding game for the 7th anniversary and I’m so glad I bought it! He tied us up for hours, we talked very well, even after all this time there was new info about the other thanks to the cards. I can only recommend it to anyone who wants to spend quality time with their partner! 😊
J. Dániel
J. Dániel
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I consider the Little Love Box to be a great idea / game, especially in today's world, where conversations are missed. Exquisite, clean workmanship, I can only recommend it to everyone!
M.-F. Anna
M.-F. Anna
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Super little "game"! At night, with a glass of wine ... watching each other ... we were liberated to find out how much we didn't know and how much we knew about each other after 10 years. Great relaxation too 🥰
K. B. Brigitta
K. B. Brigitta
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You have created this little gift so tastefully that it is incredible! We haven’t played it all along, we still have cards, but so far we’ve really liked every question, we’ve talked a lot, we’ve laughed and there were almost tears - to our delight. I recommend to all couples, very good time together !!!
V. Fruzsina
V. Fruzsina
Read More
Beautiful design, quality design, great conversation questions. It also stands out as a decoration on our bookshelf. 🙂

Is this worth it?

“But we talk about everything!”

When we see conversation games like this, we like to tell ourselves the same excuses:

  • My partner and I talk about everything.
  • I know my partner too well; these cards will not bring any novelty.
  • We lead busy lives; we simply don’t have the time and energy.

The good news is talkers love to talk. 🙂
. That’s exactly why couples who love to talk to each other seek out playful opportunities to have even more conversation. If you are not quite sure that Little Love Box could be useful to you, check out our full return policy below.

How much does a date night cost these days?

It’s perfectly realistic to say that it costs nothing. You can go hiking or cloud gaze at the park, there are countless inexpensive options to choose from. 

But sometimes we desire something more than just a casual date. We can work out how much a date costs us per person. You can go to see a fun movie and buy popcorn, then have an intimate dinner at some not-so-expensive place. And this is just one night spent together.

With Little Love Box, you can spend several meaningful nights together (depending on the game mode you choose – read more about this under section “How to Use”).

And if you still have doubts, a Little Love Boxra most 30 napos visszavásárlási garanciát biztosítunk!

What’s the occasion?




Valentine’s Day








No special occasion



If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any of our contact details provided. Additionally, we include the answers to some frequently asked questions below.

There are many different types of board games. It usually refers to any tabletop game played by at least two people where participants must abide by game rules to reach an objective, and usually, to win. Little Love Box is a lot less restricted – the purpose of this game is to create quality time that will bring you and your partner closer together. Roll with the die to decide which category to draw the next card from. We encourage you to expand your answers and explore as much as you can. It’s also fun if both of you answer each question. 
Definitions are tough. In strict terms, this box might not be a board game. But you can decide that for yourselves!

As you can tell from the previous frequently asked question, the aim of this game is not winning. There are simply no right or wrong answers to what your favourite memory is with your partner, and you definitely won’t earn any extra points for listing all your bad habits that you would rather get rid of. However, the final category is special. If you want, you can test how much you know about each other and keep scores.

No difference whatsoever. The contents of the white and red boxes are identical. We created the boxes in two colours so that you can choose the one you prefer.

As of we now, there aren’t any extra cards you can add to the deck. However, we have received a lot of inquiries about this, and we definitely plan on expanding the deck.

Yes, we are currently creating new boxes. We don’t want to reveal anything just yet, but we can give a little hint: thematic cards focusing on the relationship itself.

Ask me anything: 

Félegyházy Anna

Anna Felegyhazy
Psychologist, Co-Founder of Little Love Box