Little Love Box

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The beauty of tradition

It had a flair for classic wedding favors, didn't it? The careful selection, the design of the most beautiful packaging, the greeting cards... And especially the way we imagined the couple's faces when they curiously open the package they received from us. Didn't we get pleasure?

"These days, most couples ask their guests for a monetary contribution as a wedding gift, but handing over a simple envelope is not worthy of the colorful elegance of weddings."

You are different

Look no further! We have created the perfect solution for you.

You would give them something that makes them feel: you are not a relative of the hundredth, or a colleague who has not been seen for a thousand years, who bought a postcard the day before, which will end up in the trash anyway. You are someone who respects their request, but at the same time you add something special; just like their relationship.

Little Love Box

The Little Love Box is both a beautiful surprise and stylish, also a never-before-seen way of handing over money intended for a wedding gift.

The envelope

A combination of the traditional and the modern

The You can buy a small envelope for Little Love Box, which we produced exactly to the size of the cards and into which the banknote folded into four fits perfectly! In the envelope you will also find a small greeting card so that you can write a few words for the newlyweds. *


The gift bag

The meeting of comfort and elegance

Along with the envelope, we send a gift bag in a perfectly suitable size, so with a few minutes of preparation, the entire gift is ready, there is no hunting for envelopes, no searching for packaging, just the curious looks of the couple wondering what you brought? *

But what exactly is Little Love Box?

The Little Love Box is a card package for couples, which contains questions classified into different categories. The couple will be able to decide which category to draw from with the help of the dice. During the game, they can get closer to each other, they can even talk about topics they have never touched, and their self-knowledge can also improve, since they will notice that it is not so easy to answer many questions immediately!

Would you like to take a look?

Click on each card to reveal an example! (Hungarian language)

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* You can buy the Little Love Box without envelope and gift bag, but if you want these wedding accessories, you can add them to your order at the checkout!

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